Reading For Young Adults – Current and Relevant

These days our young adults have their days over-filled with activities, from school work and sports to online gaming and social networking. They are tied to friends with the seductive tether of technology to the detriment of their interpersonal communication and reading skills. Read To Lead emphasizes literacy of all sorts, including technological literacy balanced with an emphasis on the importance and gratification of the printed word. Read To Lead makes books relevant to today’s young adult audiences which are essential components of a young adult’s expanding literacy and future success.

Through new author spotlights, interactive author events, engaging activities such as book clubs – all will help spark an enthusiasm for reading that will fulfill the need they have for connecting to their peers and bonding them to their friends through sharing the adventures found in reading.

We have partnered up with Source Interlink Companies to promote literacy through reading and the vital benefits reading brings to our communities and way of life. Superior reading skills stimulate the mind, are fundamental to learning and are essential in the development of many aspects of leadership. Jake Marshall, a young adult & one of America’s shining young surf prodigies, is here to help. In the immediacy of our “flash culture,” when most information is consumed via compressed snippets and sound bites and our principal distractions are video or online gaming, reading and its myriad advantages have taken a hit, and learning has suffered. Read To Lead and young adults, like Jake, are committed to promoting the benefits of reading to all ages.