Read To Lead Leader of the Month

As a simple means of introducing children of all ages to the ideals of leadership, each month Read To Lead will feature a leader from the past or present whom children find interesting and are eager to read and learn about.

Read To Lead is also a great source for kids to explore age-appropriate, online games meant specifically to promote reading and the enjoyment it brings to their worlds.

Above all, Read To Lead’s many facets and avenues for participation help kids understand that reading isn’t at all about spinach. It’s all about fun.

Leader of the Quarter

Steven Snyder is Read To Lead’s Leader of the Quarter.

Steven is one of the world’s foremost experts on Accelerated Learning and Personal Development. Much to his first grade school teacher’s surprise, Steven exclaimed that he had already read 1,400 books ~ in the first grade! He has not stopped reading since. For more of his story and his passion, go to his website by going to

One of Steven’s goals, (he has many more as an overachiever and impassioned leader), to help parents, help teach their children, to embrace reading. Reading can be enjoyable and to that end, he provides some great tools.

We’ve added a document Alpha Learning Accelerated Reading that is not only an entertaining read in itself, it teaches you to read quicker and thereby capture the enjoyment of reading again. Click the link here to download your copy of… Alpha Learning Accelerated Reading.

And, if you don’t feel like reading, you can listen to his podcast by clicking here. 

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