August’s Leader Of The Month: Nancy Pelosi

This months Leader of the Month is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi! For 25 years, Nancy Pelosi has represented California’s 8th District in the House of Representatives. The 8th District includes most of the City of San Francisco including Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, and many of the diverse neighborhoods that make San Francisco a vibrant and prosperous community.

It is quite clear that politics is her area of expertise. So why is she our Leader of the Month? It is plain and simple. She reads…A LOT! Unlike most of our Leaders of the Month who enjoy reading books, Nancy Pelosi enjoys reading newspapers and magazines.

When it comes to consuming news, she is an insatiable beast. She is an insatiable newspaper reader, and now, of course, electronically, she has more opportunity. The Atlantic Wire took the time to interview Pelosi about her avid reading. Click the link below to view it for yourself!

We want to thank Nancy Pelosi for setting a good example for fellow young readers and future politicians!

To read the interview by The Atlantic Wire click here.


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