August’s Leader of the Month: LeBron James

View the LeBron and Literacy video here.

LeBron James is our Leader of the Month! You may have seen a lot of LeBron James recently, especially after just grabbing hold of his first NBA Championship title. What you didn’t know is that literacy plays a big part in LeBron James’ routine.

Miami Heat star LeBron James had a somewhat surprising practice that he used to focus before games, including during the final series in which he led his team to the National Basketball Association championship: He read books.

James, who went from high school straight into the National Basketball Association, bypassing college, was seen before and even after games reading one book after another, one genre after another.

There was “The Hunger Games,” and the other books in the science fiction trilogy by Suzanne Collins. There were, according to ESPN, books on history, biographies, psychology and more. He read sitting in front of his locker “The Pact,” about three boys from tough backgrounds deciding to go to college and then medical school.

According to this story by ESPN’s by Michael Wilbon (who used to be a colleague of mine at The Washington Post), James decided that he could focus on his game better if he spent some time alone reading, so he called up his friend and business associate, Maverick Carter, and asked for some book suggestions.

Read To Lead wants to thank LeBron James for setting a good example for young readers around the world! Thanks!




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