“The book is WAY better than the movie!”

How many times have we found ourselves saying this?  Why is it true?  How on Earth could static, black and white, typed text, compare to full animation, HD, 3-D, computer enhanced, live action, flesh and blood CINEMA?  The answer is … Continue reading


Reading Comprehension

This Christmas season I was reminded of the many meanings of “reading comprehension”.  Probably one of the most troublesome skills that a student faces throughout his career, reading comprehension is the higher order learning checkpoint that every subject includes in … Continue reading


“Riddles are fun, word problems are fake.”

Most students I teach will moan at the sight of a word problem, but squeal at the sight of a riddle.  Do they not know that a riddle IS a word problem?  It’s got words, numbers, unknowns, and someone asks … Continue reading


Minute Rice to Minute Reading

My wife, Leigh, tutors kids from kindergarten to the 8th grade in just about any subject.  Reading and Math are the most popular, of course, as both involve reading, assessing, deciding, and reacting. All compose a mixture of complex brain … Continue reading


“I was told there’d be no reading on this math exam!”

“Mr. Rhodes, will you help me with this one?” “Sure, what does it say?” “I didn’t read it.  Too many words.” I look down at the textbook to find a 3 sentence word problem.  Too many words?  This, coming from … Continue reading


Scott Rhodes

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Scott Rhodes here, hailing from Austin, Texas. where the goal is to ‘Keep Austin Weird’ (trust me, I’m trying!). My wife, Leigh, and our sidekick, Boudro, are all born and bred Texans, but I’ve lived in Keystone, Co., Redondo Beach, Ca., and Costa Rica (if you want to count a 7-week surf hunt!)