People Do Business With People…

It was a major lesson taught to me from an early age; “People do business with people, not with business.” The lesson has stayed with me over the years and has proven to be an extremely valuable one within my … Continue reading


Reading Is a Way of Living

People always ask me what motivates me. The answer is simple, books. I have been a fan of reading as far back as I can remember. I recall being a little kid and sitting next to my grandfather as he … Continue reading


Luis Muñoz

About Luis Muñoz

Luis Muñoz was born and raised in Guatemala, Central America. Never looking to be in the spotlight, the spotlight found him in the form of the television world. Having been in the restaurant management business throughout high school, Luis would use his leadership skills to quickly rise through the ranks of “the biz.” From working as an unpaid intern at TC Network in 1995 to becoming the Senior Producer of the # 1 Tejano music program in the U.S. within 2 years, Luis quickly gained a reputation for his aggressive and fresh approach to programming. But his search for the thrills of the business didn’t stop there. While working for TC Network, Luis was an integral part of the team that created several national programs for the Galavision and Univision networks. It was there, through extensive travels and networking, that Luis’ skills were nourished and his appetite for “outside-of-the-box” programming grew even more.