“I hate reading”

“I hate reading.” “I am a horrible writer.” “I haven’t read a book since high school.” These are all real quotes that I have heard from my class members in medical school. This is a tragedy. Of course success in … Continue reading


Run Turkey Run

My first book, a harrowing tale of life and death in the animal agriculture business, was published in 1993, and by published I mean laminated by my 2nd grade teacher and made available on my class’s bookshelf. The book, an … Continue reading


Read to your child. Period.

Read to your child. Period. If you want one piece of advice in raising your kid this is it. There are very few things I remember so fondly from my childhood as I do our nightly ritual of reading. Before … Continue reading


Joshua Parry

About Joshua Parry

Joshua Alan Parry was raised in Keller, Texas. His first novel, a fictional account of a company that alters the human genome with disastrous consequences, will be published in 2012 by Tor Books. He attended The University of Texas at Austin where he studied molecular/cellular biology and was also the captain of the ice hockey team. Currently he is working on receiving his medical degree from The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Recently his research done at the Shriners Hospital for Children was published in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics. He has had many eclectic experiences over the years, which include guiding at-risk youth in the wilderness of Utah, metal work in Montreal, and salmon canning in Alaska. He has also worked as a comic writer, a molecular genetics intern, a personal trainer, and an ice hockey coach. He hopes to continue to accumulate rich and unique experiences as he follows his passions in life, especially when it comes to writing, health, and the outdoors.