No, really, her first name is just Grandma.

I remember confidently protesting this to my first grade teacher as a little girl.  The assignment had been to write down the first and last name of parents, siblings, and grandparents.  I received one wrong answer. There was a big … Continue reading


Monkey See Monkey Do

Did he just do that?  Oh gosh.  Did I just do that?! As a parent of a 20 month old I am now in the self-reflecting stages of having a parrot, aka copy cat, around at all times. Copy Cat- … Continue reading


They are Listening

“Moon, moon” our toddler Charlie was adamantly stating from the back seat. It was early evening and Joey, my husband, Charlie, our 19 month old son, and I were on the way home from having dinner.  It took us a … Continue reading


Cathy Rothschild

About Cathy Rothschild

Cathy Rothschild is a working professional in Austin, Texas. She divides her time between her career, her passion for spending time with her family, and community involvement. She also enjoys traveling with family or friends, running and pilates. She is a first time mother to her son, Charlie, 19 months. Cathy is involved in numerous activities for children, and is always exploring new adventures with Charlie.