The enduring power of reading builds our society’s foundation for a promising future. Its steady pursuit fosters the enlightened mind, creative thought and determined character that makes our leaders of tomorrow.

In the immediacy of our blurb culture, information is consumed more and more via compressed snippets and sound bites. Our principal distractions are video and online gaming and because of this, reading and its countless advantages have taken a hit. Learning has suffered because of this trend.

Read To Lead is working to change that by providing a connection between businesses and communities across the country to create Reading awareness. Read to Lead also encourages people of all ages to rediscover the transformative power of reading – engaging in thought, exploring new perspectives, sparking the imagination, and growing the mind.

Basic literacy skills can be learned and enhanced through the simple process of opening and reading a book or a magazine or reading online. These mediums are the basic building blocks of all kinds of literacy and are vital learning tools for audiences of all ages and all income levels.

Through books, people can gain a breadth of knowledge about a particular subject or escape into an imaginary world. Reading is limitless and boundaries are only defined by the imagination. Through magazines, audiences can engage in current events or highly focused subject areas that make them increasing knowledgeable in the specialized world in which we live. We can read anywhere and everywhere.

Literacy begins with learning to read and then branches into reading for knowledge, writing coherently and thinking critically about the printed word. It extends into literacy in the areas of education, finance, nutrition, health, science, politics and other subject areas. People have to acquire these basic skills in order to participate and lead within their families, their work environments and their communities. Increased learning through literacy helps boost one’s confidence, develop existing or new skills, or lead to a life changing experience.